Welcome to I Label It Skincare

Skin Holistic is a small, boutique-style, skin health products and skin health consulting company. Skin Holistic specializes in being a reliable source for healthy skincare and cosmetic products as well as resource, providing consulting on esthetic skin issues and solutions.imagesCAQA0XPD

Skin Holistic Philosophy

Aging gracefully and slowing the effects of the negative skin health factors that we encounter in our everyday lives is a goal many of us share. We all deserve to protect and nourish our largest asset and slow/reverse the effects of aging, or relieve skin health challenges with products that are not only safe but also produce the results we are applying them for.

imagesCAD6FSBX While there are no “miracle potions”, there are many natural actives that are clinically proven to get

results.  I believe those actives should be potent (served in therapeutic amounts). Actives should be delivered in a

way that avoid over-stimulation of the skin.  Ideally a skin health formulation soothes, nourishes and protects or builds the skin’s natural barrier while increasing hydration.

Skin Holistic products were created because I felt that many companies were “over-selling” skincare products by offering “skincare” products full of water, chemicals, dyes, and perfumes in an effort to profit without any regard for skin health or consumers with “sensitive” or health-compromised skin.imagesCA7ZY7T3

Skin Holistic offers an alternative to slick, highly manufactured, over-marketed miracle creams. Most of our formulations are safe for “very” sensitive skin types.  Our holistic approach to skin health dictates that our products provide a healthy option to products full of empty fillers (water), un-safe, environmentally toxic, skin sensitizing or cancer concerning preservatives, chemicals, dyes and perfumes.

7338-047While I hope you connect with the Skin Holistic concept, what really matters is your satisfaction with the final product.  Skin Holistic purposely doesn’t have slick marketing or highly manufactured packaging, offering instead, a “boutique-style” custom product designed for women and men that are looking for intelligent skin care solutions.  Ask a Skin Holistic professional for a consultation on  skin healthy product options for your spa or skincare business at I Label IT Skincare